Friday, July 20, 2012

Michele Bachmann links NASA officials to terrorists, says astronaut secretly married to “blonde genie” from Baghdad

WASHINGTON – Former GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann and four other conservative members of Congress are charging that an American astronaut, Air Force Captain Anthony “Tony” Nelson, may have ties to Muslim extremists through his wife, who Bachmann described as “a beautiful 2000-year-old magic genie, coincidentally named Jeannie, who lives in a bottle.”
“She’s blonde, but she’s an Iraqi,” says Bachmann, “from Baghdad. Though she speaks perfect English. She used to be in a harem, apparently.”

Bachmann and the four other representatives sent letters to top intelligence and security officials warning that they believe Jeannie is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, a global religious Islamic movement whose members have been linked to extremist groups in the past. The letter said they believe the group may have infiltrated the top levels of the nation’s space agency.

Besides Captain Nelson, they pointed the finger at Army Captain Roger Healey, who they described as Nelson’s best friend, Air Force psychiatrist Colonel Alfred Bellows and his wife, Amanda, and beloved cartoon rodent Mickey Mouse, whom Bachmann claims she saw plotting with another Disney character, the big, blue genie from “Aladdin,” while the congresswoman was at Disney World recently on a family vacation.

NASA released a statement denying any knowledge of the mysterious Jeannie, and said they have no record of a Captain Anthony Nelson serving in the agency.

Bachmann did not back down, however, saying she would “not be silent as this administration appeases our enemies,” and saying she wants a full investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood’s ties to NASA.

Bachmann said that she has uncovered proof that “after Obama wins a second term, this shadowy cabal plans to take all our guns and steal the moon.”

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