Thursday, April 18, 2013

CNN, NY Post Reveal Photo of Boston Marathon Suspect

A joint CNN/New York Post investigation has revealed a photo they say is of the FBI’s prime suspect in the Boston Marathon bombing.

“As you can see,” said CNN’s John King on The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer, “the photo is that of a dark-skinned male, wearing a backwards baseball cap, and I’m told by a source who has a friend whose cousin is a Facebook friend of someone whose uncle lives next door to a law enforcement official that, when shown this photo of this dark-skinned male, the law enforcement official said, ‘We got him.’”

“This dark-skinned male,” said Blitzer, “could he be heard speaking with an accent? Was he wearing sandals, maybe? Or was he at least spotted eating some humus?”

The New York Post, meanwhile, published the photo on its cover with the headline: “HAT MAN – feds seek this guy (who's probably a terrorist) pictured at Boston Marathon.” 

When told that the photo was actually that of President Barack Obama, Post editor Col Allan defended the paper’s reporting, telling The Daily Wedgie, “We stand by our story. The image was emailed to my next door neighbor’s aunt, who then tweeted it to her manicurist, who printed it out and gave it to her husband, who is on a bowling team with someone reputed to be in law enforcement – and he posted it on his Facebook page. We did not say this guy did it. We said ‘probably.’”

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