Friday, June 3, 2011

Speed 2: Sarah Palin Says Bus Will Explode if Donations Dip Below $50kph

Sarah Palin said today that her “One Nation” bus tour must stay above $50,000 in donations per hour or her bus will explode.

“Pop quiz, hot shots,” said Palin, speaking with reporters on a conference call from her bus as it sped south out of New York City. “There’s a bomb on a bus. Once donations to my SarahPac Web site dip below $50,000 an hour, it blows up. What do you do? What do you do?”

The former half-governor of Alaska and current reality TV star, who is travelling around the eastern seaboard in a bus for some reason, had been counting on raising millions in donations from her “One Nation Tour,” but, apparently, the money has been slow to roll in. So the Tea Party queen announced Wednesday that her bus would start taking on paying customers. After boarding some two dozen passengers at various stops around Manhattan, the bus took off down Interstate 478.

A Palin aide traveling with the Fox News celebrity said that Palin had said that if any passengers tried to get off the bus, she would blow it up. Witnesses along the bus route said they could hear screams coming from terrified passengers inside the bus, although it wasn’t clear if they knew about the bomb, or if they were simply being forced to watch tapes of the former Vice Presidential candidate’s speeches.

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